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My First Trip To Nashville

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Emilio Basa Nashville songwriter

So as a singer songwriter I think that there are some definite places that an artist should go. Places like the Rock and Roll hall of fame, Jimi Hendrix’s grave, Strawberry Fields in Central Park, and Nashville - Music City. By the way, there are way more places that I think an artist should visit, but I’m just naming a few here. If you have any cool suggestions, please add some in the comment section.

Music Review by The Impaler Speaks

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The Impaler Speakers Reviews Emilio Basa

I just got my music reviewed by The Impaler Speaks. It was a great interview. Check out what he had to say...

Click here to read it on The Impaler Speaks website >>

and now on to the review....

"I discovered Emilio Basa in late summer 2012, and have spent countless hours with this record since then. He has a new EP - ‘Testify’ - coming out tomorrow. Don’t miss out on this cat’s music. Seriously.